Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies set in a world with loose legal system is experiencing the dark period in its history. Here, the case always witness the results untrue and false evidence was set up. Back to the legendary character of the series-Phoenix Wright, solicitor advocate heads the Wright company Anything, you will travel with your people in order to break the case still hidden in mystery and a fair return for his clients. Earn to die

Phoenix Wright-Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies

The gameplay of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies followed the traditions of his predecessors went before, where you will have to undergo two main stages of the game that is the investigation and the trial. Through each stage, the player will have to dialogue with the witnesses and the person concerned from that discovery of the details remain hidden. The book of luôi story, climax. these attractive segments, entice the player as a comic book, the virtual world will be what you get in the game. Rising Fire

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Rising Fire

According to the latest news, blockbuster shooter Rising Fire will officially step into the closed beta phase for the first time in the Chinese market on April 28. Known in this testing phase will have four character classes, as well as PvE and PvP maps 9 numbers for the bosses to test players Rising Fire knock. earn to die 

Rising- Fire

The rising Fire is really not a shooter usually only focus on aspects of action with the gun fight between the players together which brings a lot of role-playing elements. Accordingly, the player will coordinate with each other, making the furniture and the same goes to destroy the monster types, giant boss Hunt, explore the dungeons … the key point in the Rising Fire was the diverse combination between very many types of weapons, create special items. Battleborn

Rising- Fire-1

To sum up, the player can create up to a million different types of guns. Of course, to use them, the gamer must also choose a character class to match his weapon created.One thing to note here is the Chinese version is unclear and Tencent have the intention to release the game online this extensive role-playing shooter in the world or not. The next information will be updated in the coming time, invites readers to read the promos.

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As we all know, online games currently in crisis so MOBA gamers Vietnam as well as the world is concerned Battleborn officially opened widely open beta.
Battleborn can be considered as the official version of the line Online shooter “Borderlands”. Before being launched, Battleborn were many players as “Diablo’s shooter series”, simply because the system of items that players can get from defeating monsters, open the chest box during play as well as the gameplay focuses on discovery of vast open world game. earn to die

on the control mechanism, Battleborn introduces gamers shooter gameplay first perspective comes with the familiar control mechanisms. However, because the characters in the game are robots (or the driver of a robotic exoskeleton) so they have more special abilities, such as non-relatives (move extremely fast in a certain time period) highlight the most special in the world’s Battleborn major expansion. Space Chaos


Each maps are relatively detailed construction with many content for players to explore. Of course, beautifully designed maps, unique, colorful looks like makes players feel not being boring and fascinated while playing. This may be considered exceptional in Battleborn points.

Space Chaos

Online Space Chaos Game is a space shooting game for kids with a most important mission – to save the universe! Huge enemy space stations are attacking, and your task is to stay alive and protect the planet. Select a player and start the battle! Fly up into the crippled enemy station and destroy its core unit, as it brings the entire station down. earn to die


Try to pick up some golden credits, which you can later spend in the armor shop. You will be also paid a bounty for your efforts, depending on the remaining heath/wealth of the planet. You will see your score, credits, ship and planet health, as well as level and lives left on the right of your game screen. Space is very big, therefore red arrows will sometimes appear to indicate you the direction towards the enemy. Wider arrows mean the enemy is still far away. Flexi Combat


On level 3, you will have your first real mission. Enemy stations will start shooting at you and at the planet below. Your mission is to BOTH save the planet AND get out alive. You can also build a level yourself. Simply click on ‘Level Builder’ on the main menu at the bottom of the game screen. Good luck in fighting for the survival of the universe in this epic space shooter game!

Flexi Combat

Flexi Combat is an intense, 360 degree, turret gun-based survival shooter game where you must display very fast reactions and smart aiming & accuracy skills. Defend your firepower-filled tank from a central position against oncoming alien-robotic hybrids, and survive for as long as possible against the enemy onslaught, scoring as many points as possible. earn to die


Strategy / skills required: Flexi Combat is a tough, non-stop, space alien shoot ‘em up arcade game where a high level of focus and concentration is essential to your survival and longevity as you must deal with consistent waves of enemy fighters. Timing your shots is also key! You must combine nimble reflexes with good hand-eye coordination skills in order to keep your rivals at bay. Snap decision making skills also come into play as you must swiftly select which weapon to use for each situation or wave.Aqua Turret


Aqua Turret

Aqua Turret is an action-packed, aiming and accuracy-based, shooting and survival game! You control a large, rotating turret gun in the center of the ocean, and must fend off wave after wave of attacks from enemy ships. You may occasionally call on help from your air force buddies, but for the most part, you are on your own in a high-pressure battle for survival in the open sea! earn to die


Reasons to play this challenging turret gun defense game: Exercise your fast reactions, observation skills, battle readiness and endurance as you quickly swivel your turret gun around – eliminating as many enemy ships as possible. The Ultraman

Strategy to win: As captain of a vessel under constant attack, you need to keep a cool head at all times. Utilize good strategy and your desire to win with quick-fire missile fire and well placed torpedo launches as you tactfully attempt to keep the increasingly-large fleet of opponents at bay! Calmly choose your moments to attack enemy ships with accurate bursts of artillery fire. Good keyboard and mouse control is essential if you want to survive deep into this challenge


The Ultraman

Protect your base. Do everything in your power from top of your tower to ensure that the enemy does not successfully scale the wall! That’s the job and mantra of The Towerman!

The Towerman is a straightforward, tower defense-style survival game where you must launch rocks off of the top of your castle tower, and skillfully dislodge the determined enemy warriors constantly climbing toward the top. With 1 or 2-player options, you can choose to take a solo stand against the invaders or enlist the help of a trusted comrade (a good friend, classmate or family member). earn to die


Reasons to play this aiming and accuracy-based skill game: While many tower defense games require deep thought and constantly changing strategy, this game features a refreshingly-simple concept: ‘Survive by throwing rocks and hitting the enemy.’ Test your concentration levels and reflexes as you engage in a fierce battle with the hordes of enemy climbers. nsomniac Games’ Song of the Deep Plunges the Depths of PS4 in July

Strategy to win: Survival is dependent on your reaction skills, keyboard control, observation skills, focus, accuracy and determination. You must be constantly on the move; there is no time to rest as you repeatedly launch rocks to keep the invading force at bay. Good teamwork – If playing with a defensive partner, communicate with each other to identify key threats and areas that need urgent attention.