Crush the Castle 3

The game is part of the Crush the Castle series. It is an entertaining game, with a lot of action and carnage. As you are probably already used from Crush the Castle 1 and 2 in this one you also have to crush the castles that belong to the enemy. However, in this sequel you will have to face a new obstacle. The persons that are living in the castles were hit by a disease. You must crush down all the castles alongside with their inhabitants. crush-the-castle-3-1


Your weapons will be boulders and stones. However, even if everything seems extremely simple at the beginning you should know that you need an excellent accuracy to hit the enemy’s castles. You will get to play only with the help of the mouse, and when you will launch the catapult across the field you must pay attention as even a second of delay can lead to a total miss of the target, which means less points for you and a difficult road to get to the next level.

During the game, the player will be capable of finding the enemy’s castles with the help of the map. On it, you have all the castles that were built. Some of those castles make your job as the Siege Master extremely easy. There are many castles that are not very firmly built, many of them don’t have roofs and with a perfect shot they can be brought down extremely easy. Also, on the map you will be able to see the castles that were already destroyed. They can be recognized because all of them are marked with the flag of the Kingdom Redvonian.

The best thing at the destroyed castles is that they are allowing you to return there for practicing at your shots. In this way, you can improve your skills considerably. Another important thing is that in order to start playing you need a castle of your own. You have two options at your disposal: either you build a castle, either you start playing with an already built one. Still, if you want performance during the game you can build one. Once you will upgrade to other levels you will be able to enhance the castle with different features that can make it resistant to the enemy’s fire.


Crush the Castle 3 is a very good game. It has a good looking graphic and the sounds of the game will make you think that you are actually there on the battle field. This action game is the perfect choice for those that want to kill the boring in their free time.


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