Curve Ball

If you are bored and looking to kill time, while having fun doing it Curve ball is your game. It is one of the most fun and addictive games on the internet which leaves you engrossed for hours and leaves you craving for more in the end. The game is available for free online play at various websites or you can download it to iPad, iPhone, and Android and Windows phone. It is one of the most recommended games by E4 and game spot.


This game is blast from the past filled with futuristic features. This game will get you addicted no matter what age you are. The game is addictive in its simplicity. If you ever played pong then you will love this game. It’s the new and improved version of Pong with brand new features and offers more chances to reach higher scores and new levels. Unlike Pong, Curveball is in 3D and you have the ability to take curve shots. Earn to die

It adds totally new game play to the basic game of Pong which keeps pulling you back for more and more. One of the best parts of the game is that you now have the chance to return difficult shots and get a super curve bonus while doing it. Getting through the level fast will give you the balloon payment of points. But if you intentionally beat the level slow you have the chance of scoring more points.

If you like Curveball you probably love other online games too. Plenty of other Internet games, including casino/real money ones, also offer great graphics and game play. Some are easy, like online slots (which you can also enjoy on your mobile/smartphone). Some are just pure luck and based on the spin of a wheel (as showcases). And if it doesn’t turn out to be your lucky day, just fire up another game of Curveball!

All that depends in Curveball is your accuracy and curve bonuses which add up to your final score. Try to stay alive for as long as possible and rack up a huge score that’s all there is to the game. After you’ve read the instructions and tried a few rounds of curveball you may want to try another type of gaming, our visitors tell us that the next best thing after curveball offering lots of fun as well as the chance of winning some money is online slots, this good online slots section is a good place to start.


You have to face off against the computer and the difficulty increases which each level passed. The highest anyone got to was level 11 beyond that you need super human reflexes in order to beat the computer. You play with your mouse only which adds more fun to it, unlike other complicated games on the internet that have a lot of controls and are hard to manoeuvre the player. In curveball all you have to add is hit shots with your mouse. You don’t even need your keyboard. In curveball you need to clear levels before running out of blue balls and save your lives or you will lose and the game will restart from level 1.

Curveball is very popular amongst all age groups and can be found all over the internet. It’s the type of game that never gets old and can be played again and again. The more you play the more the higher score you want and the more you try. Check out the game reviews for Curve ball and see for yourself anyone who has ever played this game loves and can’t stop playing it anymore. The sheer excitement and suspense of the next level does not let you sleep at night. You have this craving for more and you can’t stop yourself because it’s just too much fun.


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