Space Chaos

Online Space Chaos Game is a space shooting game for kids with a most important mission – to save the universe! Huge enemy space stations are attacking, and your task is to stay alive and protect the planet. Select a player and start the battle! Fly up into the crippled enemy station and destroy its core unit, as it brings the entire station down. earn to die


Try to pick up some golden credits, which you can later spend in the armor shop. You will be also paid a bounty for your efforts, depending on the remaining heath/wealth of the planet. You will see your score, credits, ship and planet health, as well as level and lives left on the right of your game screen. Space is very big, therefore red arrows will sometimes appear to indicate you the direction towards the enemy. Wider arrows mean the enemy is still far away. Flexi Combat


On level 3, you will have your first real mission. Enemy stations will start shooting at you and at the planet below. Your mission is to BOTH save the planet AND get out alive. You can also build a level yourself. Simply click on ‘Level Builder’ on the main menu at the bottom of the game screen. Good luck in fighting for the survival of the universe in this epic space shooter game!


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