As we all know, online games currently in crisis so MOBA gamers Vietnam as well as the world is concerned Battleborn officially opened widely open beta.
Battleborn can be considered as the official version of the line Online shooter “Borderlands”. Before being launched, Battleborn were many players as “Diablo’s shooter series”, simply because the system of items that players can get from defeating monsters, open the chest box during play as well as the gameplay focuses on discovery of vast open world game. earn to die

on the control mechanism, Battleborn introduces gamers shooter gameplay first perspective comes with the familiar control mechanisms. However, because the characters in the game are robots (or the driver of a robotic exoskeleton) so they have more special abilities, such as non-relatives (move extremely fast in a certain time period) highlight the most special in the world’s Battleborn major expansion. Space Chaos


Each maps are relatively detailed construction with many content for players to explore. Of course, beautifully designed maps, unique, colorful looks like makes players feel not being boring and fascinated while playing. This may be considered exceptional in Battleborn points.


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