Rising Fire

According to the latest news, blockbuster shooter Rising Fire will officially step into the closed beta phase for the first time in the Chinese market on April 28. Known in this testing phase will have four character classes, as well as PvE and PvP maps 9 numbers for the bosses to test players Rising Fire knock. earn to die 

Rising- Fire

The rising Fire is really not a shooter usually only focus on aspects of action with the gun fight between the players together which brings a lot of role-playing elements. Accordingly, the player will coordinate with each other, making the furniture and the same goes to destroy the monster types, giant boss Hunt, explore the dungeons … the key point in the Rising Fire was the diverse combination between very many types of weapons, create special items. Battleborn

Rising- Fire-1

To sum up, the player can create up to a million different types of guns. Of course, to use them, the gamer must also choose a character class to match his weapon created.One thing to note here is the Chinese version is unclear and Tencent have the intention to release the game online this extensive role-playing shooter in the world or not. The next information will be updated in the coming time, invites readers to read the promos.

Rising- Fire-2


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