Kashou Minazuki-son born in Japanese families have many traditional baking life had moved out to open a bakery and have named it is La Soleil. One surprise when he moved away, hiding in piles of belongings back is 2 little cats that are family raised-Chocola and Vanilla. But when want to resubmit the baby cat 2, Minazuki home, ahead of Chocola and Vanilla, you must quit. So, all three were together opening the bakery sweets “La Soleil”. And funny, warm story revolves around Minazuki along with two baby cats always loved his owner has begun. earn to die

Nekopara will support 3 main nghữ language is English, Japanese and Chinese. Design of the female protagonist of the game was incredibly sexy, besides being attractive feature allows gamers to customize the motion, swinging of the “titties”. Mobile version of Nekopara will soon be released in the coming time.

Did you ever guess the size of the measurement of the bikini outfit of hot sexy girls? What would you do if you had the opportunity to guess the measurements of the bikini? 36 24 36 is a game that will surely excite you. This is an exciting mobile titles to guess the measurements of the girl with the allotted time. 36 24 36 must be an extremely entertaining game attract who you whiskers in her spare hours. WarFriends



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