Bug Heroes 2

Remains the attractions are available from the original version, Bug Heroes 2 even further improvements at the same time added some new details to add attractive, charismatic, to the extent that all fans are just like to soon have the next part. Earn to die


Basically, you will join an army of many brave beetle uncle is trying to protect his food warehouse from the attack of a horde of other evil beetle. The war between the insects suddenly becomes much more attractive with the types of firearms, defensive Tower. On the other hand, your character will also more prominently with the unique wings, then type pits extremely, sober colors, then type.


Bug Heroes 2 integrated control system is quite smooth and easy to use right out of the screen. You will experience the game with the third shooter, control the direction of movement and touch the icon to destroy opponents. However, gamers also downright note because the enemy quite Eastern and is also equipped with the weapons. Therefore, you need to observe the terrain, the choice of the box to make a shield. The Deer God


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