Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja was known to be a MMORPG titles retrieved and based on the eponymous fantasy novel of Korea Mobile yard welcome feedback in November 2015. This mobile game has achieved success and built up notoriety grew when topping the chart the highest grossing game after just a week. Earn to die


After a long time doing rain wind, recently Locojoy Games-NPH game in China said the airline will take the game to the Western markets. Therefore, the English version will be unveiled at the E3 event in 2016. This can be considered the good signals to the community of gamers all over the world in General and Vietnam in particular when gamers are experiencing language barriers while playing Dragon Raja. Bug Heroes 2

Participate in Dragon Raja, players can simultaneously control 3 warrior hero that his favourite from over 21 characters are “raw concrete” from the famous novel before. After you’ve got yourself the choice, gamers will start to explore the world and experience the Scriptures battle action, grace the blow that Attorney General of France overwhelmed the screen.


The gameplay of Dragon Raja is not simply slash battles have untold world blow with rushing combo but also mixed the calculated tactics had very little depth. It is the journey to sweep the hidden cave containing many species of Monster mystery or the Scriptures-dynamic boss battles. Besides, the PvP system attractive also allows players to fight with your friends, the other players in the form of 3vs3 League or the guild up to 30vs30 extremely violently.


Dragon Raja brought the player to collect the equipment system, character, character piece similar to many other titles. You will use the money earned through completion of quests in the game to buy the piece upgrade items, character piece or buy the stamina, skill, weekly go to upgrade your hero for becoming the count more leaders.


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