Conan: Exiles

Conan: the Exiles is a survival game set in the arid world with these wild Barbarian tribes.Published since January 1 this year but until now, the new subject launches the Funcom photos gameplay of the first game survive Conan: Exiles. Inspired from the Conan series, the game features context is a wild world where only new power help the survivors. Besides fighting the construction of new housing is also an important aspect of Conan: Exiles like any other survival game, and through what a slideshow in the trailer, the player can cause both a fortress built for myself. Earn to die

In the world of Conan: Exiles also contains dangers come from the rife creatures such as bats, monstrous spiders, snakes with a size larger than normal as well as the other players, and gamers will be forced to fight to survive. On this plate, Funcom’s game proved to be full of violence with the slashing early fall full of barbarian blood flow but also very true nature Barbarian.

According to the information that was revealed before the players not on the role of Conan but instead is an unnamed character who was expelled from the clan and forced yourself to find ways to survive. The game was designed primarily for multiplayer games with more people participate but Funcom said gamers can also choose to experience the game alone.
Conan: the Exiles planned to launch on Steam in the form of Early Access starting from 13/9.Steampunk Defense


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