Bug Heroes 2

Remains the attractions are available from the original version, Bug Heroes 2 even further improvements at the same time added some new details to add attractive, charismatic, to the extent that all fans are just like to soon have the next part. Earn to die


Basically, you will join an army of many brave beetle uncle is trying to protect his food warehouse from the attack of a horde of other evil beetle. The war between the insects suddenly becomes much more attractive with the types of firearms, defensive Tower. On the other hand, your character will also more prominently with the unique wings, then type pits extremely, sober colors, then type.


Bug Heroes 2 integrated control system is quite smooth and easy to use right out of the screen. You will experience the game with the third shooter, control the direction of movement and touch the icon to destroy opponents. However, gamers also downright note because the enemy quite Eastern and is also equipped with the weapons. Therefore, you need to observe the terrain, the choice of the box to make a shield. The Deer God


The Deer God

The Deer God is mobile, but carried the story about the journey of reincarnation, redeem Hunter guy’s mistake (the main character). The world of The Deer God dark mind, bring the breath of religious, moral person, the law of causation, and between good and evil. This Hunter guy was God reincarnation into a deer, to understand the pain, the famous that the creatures he has. earn to die

In the world of living things, will of course meet many difficulties, harsh, you must confront the beasts breaking, to win back their lives through every day. The Deer God indeed is that we should experience, to understand how the way of life, and learned many useful lessons. Nekopara



Kashou Minazuki-son born in Japanese families have many traditional baking life had moved out to open a bakery and have named it is La Soleil. One surprise when he moved away, hiding in piles of belongings back is 2 little cats that are family raised-Chocola and Vanilla. But when want to resubmit the baby cat 2, Minazuki home, ahead of Chocola and Vanilla, you must quit. So, all three were together opening the bakery sweets “La Soleil”. And funny, warm story revolves around Minazuki along with two baby cats always loved his owner has begun. earn to die

Nekopara will support 3 main nghữ language is English, Japanese and Chinese. Design of the female protagonist of the game was incredibly sexy, besides being attractive feature allows gamers to customize the motion, swinging of the “titties”. Mobile version of Nekopara will soon be released in the coming time.

Did you ever guess the size of the measurement of the bikini outfit of hot sexy girls? What would you do if you had the opportunity to guess the measurements of the bikini? 36 24 36 is a game that will surely excite you. This is an exciting mobile titles to guess the measurements of the girl with the allotted time. 36 24 36 must be an extremely entertaining game attract who you whiskers in her spare hours. WarFriends



After the huge success with the big award named Mega Dead Pixels, then the potential developers About Fun continues to bring to the community a promising product called WarFriends. This is a mobile game multiplayer shooter in real time tactical combination extremely unique. The game was first announced at the GDC events 2015 last year under the fair of the veteran Publisher Chillingo. earn to die

After the huge success with the big award named Mega Dead Pixels, then the potential developers About Fun continues to bring to the community a promising product called WarFriends. This is a mobile game multiplayer shooter in real time tactical combination extremely unique. The game was first announced at the GDC events 2015 last year under the fair of the veteran Publisher Chillingo.

Highlights of the WarFriends is to bring the gameplay for PvP or help people play relaxed his main contention with strong. The player will be offered four types of weapons of mass destruction by the allies and feared air control with all vehicles such as tanks and combat aircraft wanted by ammo is always ready when needed.

Furthermore, WarFriends also offers Warcards to add both players can have for themselves the substantial power up items. During the battle, the best tactic is to find a safe hiding spots for the character and use of the whole of the Warcards transformation possible to benefit themselves. The different Warcards for the player the choice of promoting power in many ways, such as Health Packs can revert the blood longer Head Ahead can make the enemy suffered damage within 30 seconds.

In addition to multiplayer mode, the WarFriends also brought the player to enjoy the thrill and suspense with single player mode for one person or two people together. Just by the simple and easy surfing touches familiar is your character can do enough trivia makes the enemy killed.WRC The Official Game

This mobile game platform owners sharp 3D graphics to hard news. Every movement of the character’s moves are quite smooth and was found to lag or fault. Besides, sounds fun and dramatic part also contributed in the success that WarFriends has been achieved.
WarFriends currently being issued at a limited number of countries including New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines. However, global launch version is expected soon.

WRC The Official Game

Unlike Need for Speed, The Official WRC Game 1 aspect exploited in the Racing category. That’s the long race with numerous difficulties and challenges on the journey. There, discipline, calmness and experience is essential. earn to die

The Official WRC game will bring truly exceptional experience. Do not simply go ahead and hit the gas is rider can win. You need more than that. Remember, most of the time, the race will take place on the roads are not flat. So WRC The Official Game requires at both 1 player in the technical ingenuity control. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

WRC The Official Game with stunning graphics. Compared to previous versions, can recognize that this mobile game made one leap. Image quality is lifted to a series HD lighting effects Spikengine stand on the platform, design models lifelike racing

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies set in a world with loose legal system is experiencing the dark period in its history. Here, the case always witness the results untrue and false evidence was set up. Back to the legendary character of the series-Phoenix Wright, solicitor advocate heads the Wright company Anything, you will travel with your people in order to break the case still hidden in mystery and a fair return for his clients. Earn to die

Phoenix Wright-Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies

The gameplay of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies followed the traditions of his predecessors went before, where you will have to undergo two main stages of the game that is the investigation and the trial. Through each stage, the player will have to dialogue with the witnesses and the person concerned from that discovery of the details remain hidden. The book of luôi story, climax. these attractive segments, entice the player as a comic book, the virtual world will be what you get in the game. Rising Fire

Phoenix Wright-Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies.j-1peg

Rising Fire

According to the latest news, blockbuster shooter Rising Fire will officially step into the closed beta phase for the first time in the Chinese market on April 28. Known in this testing phase will have four character classes, as well as PvE and PvP maps 9 numbers for the bosses to test players Rising Fire knock. earn to die 

Rising- Fire

The rising Fire is really not a shooter usually only focus on aspects of action with the gun fight between the players together which brings a lot of role-playing elements. Accordingly, the player will coordinate with each other, making the furniture and the same goes to destroy the monster types, giant boss Hunt, explore the dungeons … the key point in the Rising Fire was the diverse combination between very many types of weapons, create special items. Battleborn

Rising- Fire-1

To sum up, the player can create up to a million different types of guns. Of course, to use them, the gamer must also choose a character class to match his weapon created.One thing to note here is the Chinese version is unclear and Tencent have the intention to release the game online this extensive role-playing shooter in the world or not. The next information will be updated in the coming time, invites readers to read the promos.

Rising- Fire-2