Step into the virtual world of Micromon, players will explore the huge world of Pixekai where you can adventure in a colorful pokemon world, fighting over 130 full Monster form and participate in the struggle are super attractive. Earn to die 5

Your mission is to collect, train, and later together with his beast army engaged in the online arena, where you will challenge together with your friends and other players around the world. If you do not want to fight for, you can choose individual campaign mode as a plot available to explore off Micromon. Earn to die 6


Snowboard Party 2


Snowboard Party 2

Snowboard Party 2 will bring to you the real sense of the sport’s best winter skiing incredibly vibrant. You as a person, use his skills to create aerobatic stunts to create a beautiful combo models and score as much points as possible. Earn to die 5

Snowboard Party 2
In addition, you can also play with your friends using multiplayer online mode or challenge mode with many people around the world using the online charts are updated every day. Completed more than 75 single mission, spent more than 15 of the same medal experience points to upgrade your skills or his skateboard. Earn to die 6

Snowboard Party 2-1



Recently, Mono Studio, developer of online role-playing game Insomnia has glee announced donation phase of capital from the community of gamers on the Kickstarter page has succeeded brilliantly. This means, the development stage of a project in the online game so be gamers await will be completed with the fastest possible progress to launch the community of gamers. earn to die 6

For those gamers don’t know the Insomnia will take the player to a space space station in the future, the classical style but extremely stuffy. You will have to try to survive in the abandoned space station, the same hope again revive the civilization of humanity, which had to return to the middle ages literally after humans to survive in any way in the new planet.Earn to die 5


See more: Ghost Online

Ghost Online

Ghost Online is one of the online game ever to leave the impression of extremely good for gamers Free but too short operating time should make for many people regret. And recently, a group of gamer our country has ‘ discover ‘ a server of this game in Thailand, currently embroiled was pretty people. Earn to die 6

Reportedly, Ghost Online version Thai is open from approximately August 2015 and server has quite a lot of players. Gamers Free participation can easily be changed to English via a patch, make sure every part as task, game content are pretty easy to understand. Of course by playing server you should water when communicating in the game will have difficulty pretty much inevitable.

Can see that although the market appeared many new online game with 3D graphics terror or fighting a new mechanism has already hand-eye. Parallel horizontal screen classic games like Ghost Online still have the place irreplaceable in the hearts of gamers Vietnam. Conan: Exiles

Conan: Exiles

Conan: the Exiles is a survival game set in the arid world with these wild Barbarian tribes.Published since January 1 this year but until now, the new subject launches the Funcom photos gameplay of the first game survive Conan: Exiles. Inspired from the Conan series, the game features context is a wild world where only new power help the survivors. Besides fighting the construction of new housing is also an important aspect of Conan: Exiles like any other survival game, and through what a slideshow in the trailer, the player can cause both a fortress built for myself. Earn to die

In the world of Conan: Exiles also contains dangers come from the rife creatures such as bats, monstrous spiders, snakes with a size larger than normal as well as the other players, and gamers will be forced to fight to survive. On this plate, Funcom’s game proved to be full of violence with the slashing early fall full of barbarian blood flow but also very true nature Barbarian.

According to the information that was revealed before the players not on the role of Conan but instead is an unnamed character who was expelled from the clan and forced yourself to find ways to survive. The game was designed primarily for multiplayer games with more people participate but Funcom said gamers can also choose to experience the game alone.
Conan: the Exiles planned to launch on Steam in the form of Early Access starting from 13/9.Steampunk Defense

Steampunk Defense

Steampunk Defense is a game like that, a product with the context of modern warfare fun, colorful graphics, but gameplay owned equally challenging. Steampunk Defense as well as many other challenging games, does not own the complex plot that simply puts the player in a tropical region, the site of the never-ending battles between the two forces. Standing on the weaker side, the player will have to show bravery and leadership, more defensive battle to prevent the enemy footsteps. Earn to die

Steampunk Defense game possesses the basic formula of a traditional goalkeeper game where players are placed in the hands of various defense works can .. range from simple machine gun bunkers, the release tape holding office or foot soldiers carrying rocket launchers next nightmare for tanks . Of course this more defensive system could be absolutely enhanced strength through upgrading mechanisms. By using the resources gained from the victory over the enemy time, you will complement each work rate of fire, fire, or range, to help each of the following scenarios become easier .Dragon Raja


Bug Heroes 2

Remains the attractions are available from the original version, Bug Heroes 2 even further improvements at the same time added some new details to add attractive, charismatic, to the extent that all fans are just like to soon have the next part. Earn to die


Basically, you will join an army of many brave beetle uncle is trying to protect his food warehouse from the attack of a horde of other evil beetle. The war between the insects suddenly becomes much more attractive with the types of firearms, defensive Tower. On the other hand, your character will also more prominently with the unique wings, then type pits extremely, sober colors, then type.


Bug Heroes 2 integrated control system is quite smooth and easy to use right out of the screen. You will experience the game with the third shooter, control the direction of movement and touch the icon to destroy opponents. However, gamers also downright note because the enemy quite Eastern and is also equipped with the weapons. Therefore, you need to observe the terrain, the choice of the box to make a shield. The Deer God